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Application for Branding

The Shelby Arts Alliance (SAA/the Alliance) seeks qualified candidates to develop rebranding materials reflecting its values and aimed to help the Alliance become more visible throughout the region.

History of the Project

Originally established as the Shelby Arts Council in the late 1970s, the Shelby Arts Alliance amplifies the arts throughout Shelby County. Over the past five decades, the vision, activities, and purpose of the Alliance have shifted. In February 2018, the Alliance hired its first staff member, a part-time executive director. Over the past seven months, the SAA board has focused on identifying its values, its vision, and its core purpose to guide the Alliance over the next five to ten years. The Alliance seeks to develop these core goals into branded materials that can be widely used on its website, social media platforms, and on printed materials.

The mission of the Shelby Arts Alliance is to support, promote, and nurture the arts and cultural opportunities in Shelby County.

Our Values & Intentions

The Shelby Arts Alliance believes in the intrinsic value that art brings to our community, to individuals, and to groups of people organized around a common goal. We understand that a thriving arts scene is crucial to community development and we support all art-related efforts that attract a diverse demographic, spur economic development, and enhance amenities. We believe in the transformative power of art; that all art forms inspire and nurture people, forming more expressive and productive individuals.

For these reasons, we intend to serve Shelbyville and Shelby County in the following capacity:

  • To act as a hub of information, facilitating communication both within the arts

    community and to the Shelbyville/Shelby County communities at large.

  • To facilitate integration between arts organizations and artists and to facilitate

    interaction between the explicit arts community and the rest of Shelbyville & Shelby


  • To serve as the advocacy organization for arts, empowering and enabling a thriving arts

    culture throughout Shelbyville and Shelby County.

    Art Allies

    The Shelby Arts Alliance considers many individuals, organizations, agencies, and entities to be our “Art Allies.” These Allies consist of individual artists of all mediums, arts programming organizations, and arts-related businesses. We believe that art should also be central to governmental, public policy, and community development decisions and activities. As such, we include city, town, and county government, community-oriented, and quasi-governmental organizations to be our Allies.


The specifics for the project timeline are flexible, however, proposals are due by October 12th, and we would like to have deliverables completed by the end of the year.
Proposals Due: October 12th
Meet with Executive Director & Executive Committee: Mid-October

Work together to determine logo & materials: October- November Final Deliverables: End of December

Target Audience/Consumer Information

The target audience for SAA are the residents of Shelby County, including all the cities, towns, and unincorporated areas of the county. We understand and embrace the diversity of the communities throughout the County and want to ensure that re-branding materials reflect that. The Alliance also hopes to share its brand regionally, outside of just Shelby County, to attract visitors from central Indiana and beyond.

Project goals:

Develop a single brand for the SAA that aligns with its values, vision, and purpose
Develop a new logo which can be used on the website, in social media, and printed materials Develop branded icons, complimentary to the logo, which may be used variously through printed materials
Develop an informational flier (primarily used at public events to showcase SAA’s work)

Scope of Work & Deliverables

  • Logo that can be used for printed and electronic purposes, provided in Digital Formats (PNG, SVG, JPEG)

  • A set of branded icons (5-8), provided in Digital Formats (PNG, SVG, JPEG)

  • Branded Icons/thumbnails fit to social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,


  • An informational flier showcasing SAA’s mission, activities, compelling people to be

    more involved

  • Meet with the SAA Marketing Committee and Executive Director to develop materials

Submission Guidelines:

Please include the following information:

Please make sure that your name/company name or any identifying information appears only on the cover page.

  • A cover page with your name/company name, contact information including primary contact name, phone number, email, and website, if applicable

  • One or two pages explaining your qualifications for this project and why you are interested in and are a good fit for this project, and any other information relevant to your submission

  • While you are not required to submit your ideas for this project with your proposal, you may include up to two pages of sketches, mock-ups, or other drafts demonstrating your preliminary ideas

  • Include two to four examples of similar projects that you have worked on in the past (no more than 6 pages). You are encouraged to show the development of the final product for your client, though it is not necessary

  • Include your cost for this project and a proposed timeline

    If you have additional questions, or would like more information, please contact Lindi Conover- Thompson at or (765) 602-3070. Questions clarifying submission guidelines may be emailed to all potential respondents.

    Proposals may be submitted via email to Lindi Conover-Thompson at If attachments are too large to be emailed, please inform Lindi and we can set up a Dropbox or Google Drive link for submission.

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